What To Do in Summerville, SC

Welcome to Summerville, South Carolina, affectionately known as the ‘Flowertown in the Pines.’ Just a short drive from Charleston, Summerville offers a picturesque getaway filled with blooming azaleas, rich history, and genuine Southern hospitality. Join us as we uncover the hidden gems and must-see attractions that make Summerville a delightful destination.

Start your adventure in the heart of Summerville with a leisurely stroll through the enchanting Azalea Park. This captivating park is famous for its beautiful gardens, walking trails, and vibrant floral displays. During springtime, the blooming azaleas transform the landscape into a mesmerizing sea of colors.

Travel back in time by exploring Summerville’s Historic Downtown. Take a leisurely walk down Main Street and marvel at the well-preserved architecture of the town’s historic buildings. Visit the Summerville Dorchester Museum to uncover the rich history of the area, from its colonial roots to its significance in the region’s development.

Experience true Southern relaxation by spending a peaceful afternoon at Hutchinson Square. This charming park in the heart of downtown is the perfect place to enjoy a refreshing glass of sweet tea or indulge in a picnic under the shade of majestic oak trees. Be sure to keep an eye out for local events and festivals that bring the community together.

For history enthusiasts, a visit to the Colonial Dorchester State Historic Site is an absolute must. This archaeological treasure preserves the remains of a colonial trading town dating back to the late 1600s. Explore the well-maintained trails and discover the ruins of Old Fort Dorchester, the bell tower, and other artifacts that tell the captivating story of this historic site.

Indulge in the flavorful delights of Summerville’s culinary scene, a perfect blend of Southern comfort and modern innovation. Experience the farm-to-table creations at Square Onion or savor classic Southern comfort food at Oscar’s Restaurant. Don’t forget to treat yourself to the delectable sweet treats from one of the local bakeries for a true taste of Summerville.

Embark on a retail therapy adventure in Short Central, Summerville’s charming shopping district. Explore boutique stores, antique shops, and art galleries that showcase unique finds and local craftsmanship. Find the perfect souvenirs and one-of-a-kind treasures to forever remember your time in Summerville.

Plan your visit to coincide with one of Summerville’s signature events. The Flowertown Festival, one of the largest arts and crafts festivals in the Southeast, takes place every spring and attracts visitors from far and wide. And don’t miss the Sweet Tea Festival, a joyous celebration of the region’s favorite beverage, featuring live music, local vendors, and, of course, plenty of sweet tea.

Summerville invites you to embrace the simple pleasures of Southern life, surrounded by blooming beauty and small-town charm. From historic sites and captivating parks to delectable cuisine and local events, there’s something for everyone in this welcoming town. So pack your bags, embrace the relaxed pace, and let Summerville’s delightful hospitality and natural beauty create cherished memories of a true Southern escape. Enjoy your time on our grounds and in the ‘Flowertown in the Pines!

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